Colleges ramp up discrimination against people with white skin, with call by administrators to force acknowledgement of “privilege”

If you’re a white person living in the U.S., then you had better check your privilege – otherwise, the president of Seattle University in Washington may not like you very much.

In an incredibly divisive and ludicrous opinion piece titled, “White Privilege Diminishes Our Humanity: 10 Commitments for Meaningful Change,” Seattle University president Stephen V. Sundborg urged not only white students attending the school, but all white people in the country, to acknowledge their “privilege.”

In order to make this argument, Sundborg, who is a Jesuit Priest, uses the typical unsubstantiated talking points we hear all the time from the Left: “More than half of all Americans who apply for jobs get them not only because of their qualifications but also because of who they know and their networks,” he writes, adding, “Whites must go out of their way not just for nondiscriminating hiring practices, but to be those persons in companies and part of that network that give blacks in practice equal access to jobs.”

Sundborg goes on to say, “All whites must ask themselves, how many black friends do I have? How many times have I been in their homes, enjoyed and relaxed with their families and lives, included them in my life? Friendship is the most essential fulcrum for prying loose white privilege.”

What exactly is white privilege, anyway? To the social justice warriors and the progressive Left, it seems to be a phenomenon whereby white people are given special advantages over minorities simply because they are white. In reality, however, white privilege is nothing but a false, manufactured concept designed to silence or shame anyone that is not of color. It’s a concept that essentially accuses white people of being inherently racist just for the sheer fact that they have white skin, which is not only absurd, but also racist in and of itself.

Sadly, this war on whiteness is making its way into the classroom, and as a result, students across the country are now being indoctrinated with this same sort of anti-white propaganda. Campus Reform reported that some students at the University of Texas were planning on publishing a “No Whites Allowed” magazine. According to a Facebook page that was created for an event titled, “Zine Release,” the magazine will be revealed at a local vegan restaurant. (Related: Lunatic liberal college professor has claimed that meritocracy is rooted in white racism.)

“This zine specifically features and promotes black and brown lgbtqa creatives,” the description for the magazine launch party reads, adding that they hope to be able to “create a space” for minorities and members of the lgbt community to be heard. Even though whites are not necessarily banned from the event, the Facebook page description notes that it is really meant for the people that society “routinely ignores and rejects.”

In many ways, white people in this country are under attack. They are being encouraged to “check their privilege” by the social justice warriors and the progressive Left, who seem to be hellbent on making whites feel ashamed for the color of their skin. They are being vilified and made to feel as though they are “the bad guys” and “the oppressors.” This is a shame, and our country has got to have a conversation on this issue before it gets any worse. (Related: A student at Texas University has penned a “white death” article urging the genocide of all whites to achieve liberation for all.)

The truth is, skin color should be treated the same way as the air that we breathe – we come into contact with it each and every day, yet we don’t pay any attention to it. Everyone should be treated as human beings, not as “people with white skin and privilege” or “people with black skin suffering from oppression.”

Furthermore, and perhaps most importantly, something has to be done to correct the ongoing misconception that all white people, regardless of their background or where they come from, are somehow big, bad, evil rich guys that are looking to oppress those that are less fortunate. Just over 100 years ago, white people came to America from all corners of the globe, from Italy, to Ireland, to Russia, and so on and so forth. These were hard working people who came here for a better life, which they sought to achieve through hard work, persistency and sacrifice. They weren’t looking to oppress anyone, and white people today aren’t looking to oppress anyone either.

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